Michelle Stuart, Over the Shoulder

Artwork Info
Date 2021
Dimensions 13 x 19 inches
Medium Archival pigment print
Artist Info
Born Los Angeles, CA
Works New York, NY


Since the 1960s, Michelle Stuart has created a multifaceted body of work that defies easy categorization, shifting between large-scale Earthworks, collage, drawings, photography, and sculpture. Stuart has devoted her decades-long practice to recording and studying traces upon the earth, whether by nature or by human hand, as imprints of identity. Stuart maps the passage of time and space, retrieving histories as much as she makes us aware of their irretrievability. She often utilizes organic materials such as earth, beeswax, and plant matter, rubbing them against paper or transforming them into objects with talismanic aura. Even when working with photography, she continues to perceive it as an imprinting process, frequently researching and re-photographing old prints to recall forgotten moments in history. Stuart is represented by Galerie Lelong & Co. in New York; Marc Selwyn Fine Art in Los Angeles; and Alison Jacques Gallery in London.