Valerie Jaudon, Quadrille


My work has always operated within the language and cultural context of abstraction. The goal has been to generate an open-ended system, a visual vocabulary that could recombine itself flexibly and communicate in a straightforward manner. To do this, I build complex paintings out of simple, recognizable forms–straight lines and curves, elements common to geometry, art and architecture in every culture. I feel that I can use these building blocks as a means to make structures that are flexible and abstract (even musical), yet refer to objects and relations in the real world.
Artwork Info
Date 2017
Dimensions 54 x 54 inches
Medium Oil on canvas
Artist Info
Born Greenville, MS
Works East Hampton, NY


Valerie Jaudon is an abstract painter living and working in New York and East Hampton. Her paintings have been regularly exhibited nationally and internationally since the 1970s, and her work is widely represented in museum collections in the United States and Europe. She has also created large-scale permanent public works in this country and abroad.