Dotty Attie, What Would Mother Say


Making art is a way of life for just about everyone who does it. Over the years I’ve come to slowly discover the ways of working that best suit my personality and character, in order to reach the goal of having everything about what I do–subject, medium, size, sources–represent who I am as accurately as possible. It may seem contradictory for someone who takes images, and often text, from other sources to feel her work is completely personal, but in fact, I do.
Artwork Info
Date 2009
Dimensions 8 canvases; 6 paintings (6 x 6 each); 2 text paintings (3 x 4 each) inches
Medium Oil on linen
Artist Info
Born Camden, NJ
Works New York, NY


Professional biographical moments that were important to me: Art School 1955-59 Receiving a Max Beckmann Fellowship to the Brooklyn Museum Art School and moving to New York Seeing Duane Michal’s work Seeing Marvin Harden’s drawings at The Whitney Starting to draw seriously from old master paintings The founding of AIR 1971 Visiting artists studios Finding a space Renovating it Exhibiting at AIR 1972-86 Being shown in other places 1973 Getting the American/Japanese Friendship Grant and living in Japan for 6 months 1984 Beginning to paint again Joining PPOW 1988 Becoming a member of The National Academy of Design