Henry Casselli, Pearl


I prefer emotion and feelings more than pure academic correctness…while I work from the real, much of what I do is fostered by memories and daydreams…
Artwork Info
Date January 2021
Dimensions 10 x 8 inches
Medium Watercolor with drybrush
Artist Info
Born New Orleans, LA
Works New Orleans, LA


Born 1946, New Orleans, Louisiana; attended 3 years of art school where introduced to watercolors; joined the USMC and served as combat art in Vietnam; upon release from USMC began exhibiting near and far, receiving numerous awards including gold medal of honor from the American Watercolor Society; painted portrait of President Ronald Reagan, which hangs in the Hall of Presidents at the N.P.G. Washington, DC; Cats Cradle, a painting of Mohammed Ali enters N.P.G. at later date; have had nine museum exhibitions and one mid-career retrospect that traveled; I continue to paint from the people and places I know here at home in New Orleans. www.henrycasselli.com